[vc_row row_type=”main-section” wr_section_layout=”section_grid” wr_section_layout_grid=”section_layout_grid_flat”][vc_column][wr_vc_section_image img_url=”843″ featyretype=”st2″ link_url=”#”][wr_vc_section_text class=”div.a { font-size: 30px; }” font_size=”20″ font_weight=”700″ text_transform=”uppercase”]My name is Channah van Croonenborg and I’m a creative![/wr_vc_section_text][wr_vc_section_text font_size=”14″]I am constant in search of the beautiful in the ordinary around me.
Passionately curious and always up for an adventure.
Love traveling to new places and learning about new cultures.
Highly interested in Film, photography, VFX, advertising, architecture, design, arts, nature, and animals.
Although my professional path touched many roles, In the past few years I have been focusing mainly on the creation of digital matte paintings.
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